When it comes to injection we carefully select the type of resin taking into consideration the methodology of work. The injection material varies from low viscosity closed cell hydrophobic hydro active rigid polyurethane, low viscosity closed cell hydrophilic flexible polyurethane, acrylic based hydrophilic resin, low viscosity epoxy resins, thixotropic ultrafine cement.

Structural Crack Injection

Injecting to fill static cracks restoring structural integrity to concrete elements.

Leak Sealing Injection

Injecting grout to cut off gushing water leaks with a high flow rate and/or high hydrostatic pressure.

Curtain Injection

Injecting to reinstall an impermeable liner behind an existing floor or wall.

Soil Stabilization

Where micro piling or anchoring are not feasible solutions, soil stabilization by injection can be a cost-effective option.

Customized Injection

We propose solutions & design packers according to site needs & limitations.


Injecting using special resins & mixtures to fill large voids against gushing water.