Preventive Systems

Due to the shrinkage of curing concrete, small cracks and voids will appear in the construction and cold joints, through which salt water can penetrate. Preventive materials & tools can be installed to tackle the weak points of the structure.

PVC Waterbars

Waterbars are flexible waterstops based on plasticized PVC, produced in specific profiles to seal construction and expansion joints when cast in concrete. They are available in a range of different sizes and types according to their use.

Electric Testing

Electric scanning is a low voltage quality control test that pinpoints breaches in roofing or
waterproofing assemblies. Breaches are found by detecting a water path to building ground. This
testing method complies with ASTM Standard Practice D8231-19.

Expansion Joint Treatment

In coordination with our manufactures we design and install expansion joints that can exceed 15cm
width under high hydrostatic pressure.

Swellable Bars

A hydrophilic strip made of natural sodium bentonite clay and synthetic rubber that is specifically manufactured for salt or brackish water interference. The swelling properties are found within the clay structure and can swell up to approximately 2.5 V when in contact with salt water and in confined conditions.

Swellable Sealants

Caulk applied one-component, hydro swelling mastic for sealing smooth, rough construction joints, and pipe penetrations. It is also easily applied on irregular shapes.

Injection Hose

A preventative injection tube that is installed for the permanent sealing of cold and construction joints in concrete, pipe penetrations, wall/slab voids and areas where new and old concrete join. When water infiltrates into the joint, injection resin is injected through the PVC end pieces, which protrude out of the concrete at easily accessible places.